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EasyN P1

3.87 usd

EasyN P1Description:EasyN P1 allows you to connect to EasyN P1 network cameras and helps you finish camera setup in a breeze. It’ll notify you of important motion detected events while you are away from home. With this app, you can watch playback of video recordings with time stamp and talk to the camera using two-way audio function. Set up camera in 3 steps:1. Plug camera into power and connect it to router 2. Download and install EasyN P13. Scan QR code and enter password to finish setup!
FEATURES:Totally free for Android usersSimple to use and easy to controlSuitable for Android mobiles and tablets
SUPPORTS:*Capture live video and audio streaming*Add camera easily via QR Code scan or local auto-search*2-way audio communication between Smartphone and camera*Take snapshot and watch playback of video recordings*Push important motion-detected events to your Smartphone or to email box*Customize camera name and change password*5 video quality levels (Highest/High/Medium/Low/Lowest)*Video flip and rotate*Set Camera WIFI*Turn on/off or adjust sensitivity level of motion detection *Select push mode (silent/ring/vibrate/ring and vibrate)*Select video recording mode (deactivate/24 hour/motion-trigger)*Remotely format SD card inserted on the back of the camera